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Assalamu alaikum

If you are thinking about enrolling your daughter at Islamiyah Girls High School, this page shares everything you need to know.

Our Focus

Islamiyah Girls High School is pleased to introduce our new headteacher Apa Yaasmin Mubarak as of January 2023. Since the pandemic, our focus is shifting to encompass the changing environment. We are focusing on 3 main areas:

  • Facilitating high level secondary education and good GCSE results for all students.


  • Facilitating faith grounding whilst balancing British curriculum.


  • Facilitating overall growth and personal development of students (Tarbiyyah) during these important years.


GCSE Results

Alhamdulillah our students have achieved fantastic GCSE results in recent years.

2023 Results

      • 84.25% students on average achieved grades 4-9 across all subjects Masha’Allah

    • Across all high schools in the UK, our students achieved GCSE results that were 20% higher than the national average Alhamdulillah

In Grouped Areas:

      • Core:
          • 92.85% on average achieved grades 4-9 across English, Math & Science subjects

      • Tech:
          • 76.5% on average achieved grades 4-9 across IT & Business

      • Social:
          • 90% on average achieved grades 4-9 across RE, Citizenship & History

    • Languages:
        • 97.5% on average achieved grades 4-9 across Arabic & Urdu

Holistic Education

We are slowly evolving our curriculum to be more holistic for the developmental needs of students. Current extra curricular activities include:

      • Ongoing Tarbiyya development

      • Community and Charity Projects

      • Fun and Educational Trips

    • GCSE Stress & Wellbeing Sessions

To view extra activities we do, please follow our social media channel.

 Building Facilities

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