Welcome to Islamiyah Girls High school, an educational establishment where girls are taught with the belief that a child’s education and tarbiyyah is not a dress rehearsal; they only get one chance. At Islamiyah, each individual is nurtured and shaped by the values of the Islamic Faith, is given an opportunity to achieve her full potential and is trained in order to develop a passion for life and love for learning.

Eid holidays

Hope you are all enjoying and making the most of the last few days of Ramadan, School will close on 29th April 2022 (Last Day) and re-open on Thursday 5th May 2022 inshaAllah.


Message from Salma Patel

The Interim Head Teacher of Islamiyah Girls High School

A very warm welcome and greetings to you.

Islamiyah Girls School has come a very long way since it opened and has maintained its aim to nurture and educate our young ladies to excel and achieve to their best potential in an Islamic environment. Alhamdulillah, by the grace of the Almighty, the sincerity of the trustees and governors,  the dedication, hard work and efforts of the teaching and non-teaching teams at Islamiyah, support of the parents and the cooperation and collaboration of the local and wider community, Islamiyah has made steady progress over the years by raising achievement and attainment without compromising on the Islamic ethos of the school.

At Islamiyah, we strive to work with local and wider communities for a better understanding and practical opportunities to make a positive contribution whilst upholding our principles and values.

I believe that every child can and will become outstanding and law-abiding citizens when they are equipped with a strong education background and the correct tarbiyah. I would like each pupil to have an opportunity to achieve her full potential and develop a zeal and passion for lifelong learning so that she is better equipped for her future as an individual, as a team player and as a leader for tomorrow.

I wish for every girl who leaves Islamiyah to be strong pillars of society as the school motto says ‘when you educate a girl, you educate the entire nation’.

I would like to thank all of our trustees, governors, teaching and non-teaching staff, volunteers and more importantly, our pupils and their parents for their hard work and support in making Islamiyah School a success. 

May the Almighty accept everyone’s sincere effort for His cause. Aameen.

Salma Patel
Interim Head Teacher
Islamiyah Girls High School

" Relationships and Sex Education Policy is Available from School Upon Request."

“The school is exceptionally successful in achieving its aim of Offering a broad and balanced curriculum alongside a positive understanding of Islam, to equip every pupil with skills to be a successful learner, confident individual and responsible British citizen." [Ofsted 2018]