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Islamiyah School – Guidance on Return to School, PARENTS -what steps to take for Covid-19 symptoms and GCSE EXAMS 2020

September opening  letter for parents steps to take if anybody in the family develop Covid-19 symptoms

Arrival and Leaving

  • Year 8, 10 & 11 parents will be able to drop students off at the back of the school car park where students should wait for instructions about lining up and entry.
  • Year 7 & 9 parents should drop off students at the main school entrance.
  • Students to enter the building at their allocated time from specified entrances and wear face mask on entry on to school grounds.
  • To reduce crowding on entering and leaving, students to start and finish school at staggered times from different entry/exit point. See below for revised times:
Year Group Arrival Time Finish Time Mon-Thurs Finish Time Friday Designated Entrance/Exit
Year 7 (Bubble One) 8.30am 2.55pm 12.10pm Main Entrance – LHS Classrooms
Year 8 (Bubble Two) 8.35am 2.55pm 12.10pm Metal Staircase – to main corridor
Year 9 (Bubble Five) 8.30am 3.00pm 12.15pm Main Entrance – RHS Classrooms
Year 10 (Bubble Three) 8.35am 3.00pm 12.15pm Science Lab Entry – up to main corridor-first set of classrooms
Year 11 (Bubble Four) 8.25am 3.05pm 12.20pm Metal Staircase- straight up to Alima Section


  • Students to use shoe areas nearest to their entrance point.
  • Once students arrive, they will go straight to their classroom and use the hand sanitisers in classrooms.
  • When a student is late, and the designated entrances and exits are closed, the student will have to use the main entrance and sanitise their hands on entry.
  • Students should not wait for their siblings or other students they travel with who may be in another year group – students to go straight to the exit and go to their car if they are picked up or walk straight home.
  • It is expected that students would adhere to public transport guidelines when using shared transport – face coverings should be worn.


Uniform expectations:

  • Full school uniform to be worn.
  • All students to bring their own face mask with them. Students will be instructed about wearing of face masks in line with local guidelines.
  • Existing students will be provided the opportunity to purchase of school uniform from w/c 7th
  • Monday Years 7 & 9
  • Tuesday Year 8
  • Wednesday Year 10
  • Thursday Year 11
  • If your daughter does not have the full school uniform, she is able to wear a black jabbah and school bhurkha (and blazer if that is available) in the few days of this new term only whilst she is waiting to purchase the uniform.


Behaviour expectations:

  • Arrive to school and leave to go home at the designated time using the designated entrance/exit route.
  • Do not wait around for friends, especially those from other year groups and do not congregate. Speak to a member of staff if your parent or carer normally collects you and is not on time.
  • Wash hands (or use sanitiser) upon entering and leaving school and after each lesson within the day.
  • Wash hands regularly with soap and water or hand sanitise regularly during the day.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed, if parents have signed the declaration form then the mobile should be left in the office at the start of the school day and should be collected at the end of the school day.
  • No walking around or leaving your seat at any time during the lesson.
  • There must be no physical contact of any type at any time. This includes hugging, handshakes etc.
  • Ensure that you ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ when you cough or sneeze and avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes.
  • Do not attempt to meet up with, or have contact with, students from a different year group bubble.
  • Any seating plans in the classroom are non-negotiable and are in place for the safety of each student. Stick to the seating plan. Do not move tables or chairs and do not leave your seat without speaking to the teacher.
  • Do not share belongings (food, stationery, books etc) with others and do not handle other people’s belongings.


Breaktime and Lunchtime Plan

  • Students to bring in their own packed lunch, snacks and water bottle.
  • Tuckshop will be closed in the first week of School year. Students will be updated on information of when it will be re-opening.
  • For the time being students will remain in class during break and lunchtimes.
  • Following rota can be used if students wish to go out in the last 20 minutes of lunchtime:
  • Monday Years 7 & 9
  • Tuesday Year 8
  • Wednesday Year 10
  • Thursday Year 11
  • No food to be taken outside
  • Students will be asked to wash hands with soap or hand sanitise before and after having a snack.



  • At all times, students must use their designated toilets. Face masks should be worn.
  • Only enter the toilets block if there is a free cubicle. On exiting the toilet, wash hands thoroughly.
  • There will be more frequent cleaning of toilets.
  • See below for designated Toilets for each bubble:
  • Year 7 & 9 will use the madrassah toilets near wudu khana.
  • Years 8 & 10 will use red toilets located near staff toilets
  • Year 11 will use the toilets near Jamaat Khana


Emergency Evacuation

  • On hearing the fire alarm, students must be instructed to leave the building in single file and in

a calm, orderly manner whilst exercising as much social distancing as possible.

  • The person in charge of each class must indicate the exit route to be used and everyone must be directed to the predetermined Assembly Point.
  • The Assembly Point remains the same.
  • All bags, coats and classroom materials must be left in the classroom.
  • As staff move to the evacuation point:
  • Staff should maintain social distancing from colleagues and other students.
  • Students should be encouraged to move quickly and staff should model this.
  • Any visitors to school must be directed to follow the students out of the nearest exit.
  • Anyone who is not in class when the alarm sounds must report to the assembly point.
  • If the evacuation is necessary during break or lunchtime periods, students and staff should evacuate immediately and report to the meeting point.
  • Office staff will bring the visitor signing-in log and completed registers for each class to the assembly point.
  • At the Assembly Point students should line up 1m apart as a form class. They will be registered by their current teacher.
  • Upon re-entry into the lesson, students should use a hand sanitiser.


Students or Staff Testing Positive

  • If a student or staff develops symptoms (cough, temperature, change/loss of taste or smell), they will self-isolate for 10 days and book a test. However, this in itself will have no impact on the individuals in their class(es) unless or until the original person tests positive.
  • If a student tests positive, the rest of the class or year group will continue their learning in school as long as social distancing was maintained. If social distancing was not maintained, all members of the class will isolate at home and continue their learning through online teaching. The same will apply if a teacher tests positive.
  • Anyone who tests positive will be contacted by a tracer employed by the NHS to identify individuals with whom they’ve had close contact.