Student Leadership

Head Girl 

Islamiyah is a comfortable, welcoming and friendly environment, one in which everyone has respect for one another and an environment where everyone’s views and opinions are always taken into account. I have built great relationships with my peers and teachers who have played a massive role in developing my confidence and abilities. My teachers have put in countless hours in finding ways for us to develop our individual academic abilities and have helped strengthen my deen along with my education. They have challenged and encouraged me to become the best possible version of myself, something I will always be thankful for.

Previous Head Girl

I have learnt at Islamiyah that no matter what your ability or your educational prowess, the dedicated teachers are always at hand to assist you socially, academically, emotionally and spiritually.  Teachers earnestly strive to ensure students work best according to their ability and exceed their expectations.

Islamiyah offers a wholesome education experience instilling morals which comprehensively support the Islamic ethos and British values.  The prefect body contributes to the school’s healthy, enjoyable and welcoming atmosphere by being ideal role models for the younger years.  They actively participate in school projects including overseeing the student council.

I can honestly say that I will not forget Islamiyah as it has allowed me to develop spiritually, socially and academically.  I believe that Islamiyah is a foundation of laying down strong pillars of academic achievement and Islamic etiquette.  I have the utmost confidence that Islamiyah will continue to inspire students to progress as prosperous young British Muslimahs.

I will fondly remember all at Islamiyah in my duas.  It has been an honour to serve as Head Girl at IGHS.


Noor-ul-Huda Ghouri,

Islamiyah School, Former Head Girl


“There are many opportunities for promoting personal development. As a result, pupils develop a thirst for learning and behaviour is exemplary.”


“Pupils’ attitudes to learning are first rate. They fully understand the value of education and the opportunities that a top-quality education can provide for them in terms of further and higher education and their future careers. They work hard but also show a real enthusiasm for learning”

– Ofsted 2018