Our Staff / Senior Leadership Team

We have a dedicated team of talented and inspirational staff who are committed to delivering the highest standards for each and every child in the school.

Governing Body
Chair Adam Sidat
Vice Chair Mubarak Patel
Estates & Infrastructure Lead M. Inam Hasan
Staffing, Recruitment & Admissions Lead Mubarak Patel
Finance & Resources Lead Shoaib Sheikh
Curriculum Lead Saeed Varachia
Safeguarding Lead Maarya Shaikh
Communications Lead Halima Hajat
Executive Headteacher (part time) Irfan Qayum
Interim Headteacher Salma Patel
Teaching & Learning Team

Ms. B Vali (Lead)

Ms. A Mayat

Ms. A Vali

Ms. F Patel

Admin Team

Ms. Banglawala (IT Technician)

Ms. R Sidat

Ms. S Master

Ms. H Shaikh

Ms. R. Saleh

Ms A Qureshi


Estate & Welfare Team


Ml I Sidat (Lead)

Mr A Sidat

Ms. N Patel

Ms. Y Patel

Ms. F Lunat

Ms. S Patel


Subjects Teachers

Ms. A Mayat

Ms. I Maqsood

Ms. M Gaballa

Ms. F Patel

Religious Studies

Ms. S Sidat  

Ms. F Bhigji

Ms. B Vali


Ms. S Patel

Ms. S  Panchbhaya

Ms. A Vali

Ms. S Asif

Art & Design

Ms. A Mayat

Ms. T Lorgat


Ms. F Ahmed

Ms. S Kauser

Ms. I Hanif

Ms. H Arshad

Business Studies Ms. S Chati

Ms. M Naheem

Ms. T Lorgat


Ms. S Survery

Ms. M Naheem

Food Technology Ms. M Chati

Ms. M Chati

Ms. S Sidat

Computer Science

Ms. F Bhigji

Ms. Z Akooji


Ms. R Sidat

Ms. Z Jassat

ICT Ms. Z Akooji
Safeguarding Team

Ms. S Master (Lead)

Ms. S Patel (Deputy lead)

Ms A Sidat (Deputy lead)

SENCo Ms. S Sidat
Student Support Officer Ms. A Sidat 
Mental Health First Aiders

Ms S Patel

Ms. A Sidat

Support team

Ms. Z Jasat (Teaching Assistant)

Ms. M Sheikh (Teaching Assistant)

Ms. L Amjad (Teaching Assistant)

Ms. F Gaffar (Teaching Assistant)

Ms. A Momoniat (Teaching Assistant)

Ms. A Munawar (Teaching Assistant)

Ms. M Gaballa

(Teaching Assistant)

Ms. F Mayat 

(teaching Assistant)

“The actions taken by leaders since the school’s last inspection have secured strong improvements in the quality of teaching and outcomes for pupils, both of which are now outstanding. However, there is no sign of leaders resting on their laurels, as they continue to make further improvements to the school, such as developing a new art block so that pupils can study art up to GCSE level."

-Ofsted 2018

“The leadership as a whole demonstrates an

uncompromising and relentless drive to

 become outstanding.”

 – Ofsted 2014

 and this is proven in the latest 2018 inspection