Extra Curricular Activities

School Library, Lunch Time Study Room & Science and Maths Club

The school has an extensive range of reading & audio material within the library.  Our librarian allows pupils to purchase books via the Scholastic.  The Lunch Time Study Room allows pupils to use their lunch time to catch up with revision and homework.  This has been very popular among our KS4 pupils. Islamiyah School’s Science & Maths Club is an opportunity for pupils to revise on topics they have been taught.

Work Experience

The Schools Work Experience is a real opportunity to broaden pupil’s awareness of what careers are available.  Its purpose is to give each pupil the opportunity to experience the world of work at first hand, as well as to assist them in their personal and social development.  Our Year 10 pupils arrange their own work experience and go to ‘work’ for one week in the last term.

School Trips

Islamiyah School arrange regular trips, not only are they educational but also enjoyable.  The trips are designed to support the curriculum.  Trips within the borough, such as visiting the Blackburn Museum, Town Hall or Castleshaw Roman Forts are part of the lessons.

Career Events / Career Guidance

Islamiyah School’s Careers Event is aimed at our KS4 pupils.  With a number of colleges, training providers and universities attending, it proves to be a success amongst our pupils, which enables them to have a better understanding in regards to their professional future.

From year 9’s, IGHS provide Career Guidance.  This includes an annual Careers Event held at the school with a number of colleges, universities and training providers.  The event aims to give pupils information on career pathways.  IGHS took part in University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) Access to Professions Programme.  The main aim of this project is to raise aspirations and showcase what they can achieve.

At year 11, Career Guidance also includes a one-2-one session with an external career adviser, who will discuss options and the requirements.  Career Guidance is also incorporated with Citizenship, exposing them to skills they need.  At year 10, Work Experience is vital, as this gives them a chance to search, apply and work at a placement.


This is a continuous and comprehensive process of developing all aspects of our pupils’ character and personality i.e. spiritual, intellectual, moral, social and physical aspects to enable them to become an integral part of the Modern Britain and Responsible British Citizens.

Cipher Club

A codebreaking competition led by the University of Southampton. Teams of students’ crack codes each week for a new part of the story mission. 

Suffragettes Club

Pupils come and talk to each other about their week and listen to others to build self-confidence and share stories.

Seerah Treasure Hunt

Pupils will solve questions and riddles to find the next location. The first pupil to solve all the clues wins.

Seerah Quiz

Year 11 pupils will compete with each other on their knowledge of the life of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

DEAR (Drop Everything And Read/Reason Time)

Everyone (including teachers) are expected to put everything aside and focus on Reasoning (solving a maths riddle/problem) to promote numeracy or reading (from the book crate in class) to promote Literacy.

“Islamiyah school work experience students)…were wonderful last week and are possibly two of the best work placements we have ever had. It was a pleasure to meet them both and I wish them luck with whatever careers they decide to pursue in the future.”

 (David Ridehalgh, Library Manager, Brierfield Library)

“The girls are a credit to the school and to their families and if they continue as they are they will have no reason not to succeed in their chosen careers.”

(Joanne Croasdale, Work Experience Facilitator, Integrated Services Manager – Regions, Capita Blackburn)

“This session made an impact on my life because I know what lessons I need to try harder in and I know the things that I need to know to get to my destination.”

(Year 9 pupil)